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There is first of all Philippe, the descendent of a family of winegrowers from Savoy. His path was clearly marked out from an early age. Philippe perceived the extraordinary potential of the wines of Savoy, thereby joining his father in the great adventure of wine and sharing with him, this passion, pride in a job well done and respect for the terroir. Bold and adventurous, he is a pioneer in the winegrowing area of Savoy: with the constant resolve of making the region’s wines more dynamic and elaborating products of an excellent standard of quality, Domaine Philippe et Sylvain RAVIER has become an estate to be reckoned with. From an initial surface area of 3 hectares, the property has grown to over 40 hectares, thereby favoring greater diversity in terms of terroirs, wines and appellations.


Claudine and Philippe’s son, Sylvain, joined the company in 2008, after learning the ropes with Georges Vernay and Vincent Dauvissat. His youth and enthusiasm have created new opportunities. He has given impetus to the estate by adapting the products to his personality; passionate about Jacquère, Sylvain elaborates offerings reflecting his image – generous and refined – but always keeping in mind, sharing and conviviality.

Claudine has been by Philippe’s side since the start to his career. In charge of sales and administrative formalities, she plays an important role. Always attentive, Claudine also has the difficult task of guiding the managers in their decision-making.

A spirit of innovation

At present, there’s a place for wines from Savoy next to the greatest growing areas and joigning Vignoblesc & Signatures is a further step in the promotion of a low-keyed vineyard.


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A father and a son working in the vineyard and making The estate is situated at the heart of the vineyard of Savoy, ideally divided into small valleys, in the foothills of the Bauges and Chartreuse massifs, with a majestic view of Mount Blanc in the distance. Boasting High Envi-ronmental Value certification since 2019, the vines extend across the chalky-clay slopes of two emblematic local mountains: Mount Granier and Mount Savoyarde.

Apremont, Abymes, Chignin Bergeron, Mondeuse Saint Jean de la Porte, Roussette de Savoie

Domaine Philippe et Sylvain RAVIER - Propriétaires récoltants
Domaine des Boissonnets - 68 Chemin du Cellier - 73800 Myans - Tél. : 04 79 28 17 75

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