Our Values

The end product has to seduce not overwhelm.

Family & Human-Scale

Transmitting and sharing knowledge, expertise and experiences to move forward together. Sharing a winegrowing history going back several generations, wines and spirits and human moments: people at the heart of the Club.

Enthusiasm & passion are their driving force: 

Guided by excellence, passion incites them to outperform and innovate. The Club is based on the convictions, adherence, mobilization and energy of all of the Club’s members.

Commitment, respect & ethics:

Commitment is a founding value of the Club. Making commitments for one’s family and estate. Making commitments for one’s customers. Making commitments for one’s club. Making commitments for one’s region and terroir all the while respecting the environment and the social context.

Excellence & Know-How:

The Club draws strength from its roots, tradition and expertise. It distinguishes itself through the excellence of its products, a natural elegance promoted by each of its estates. The French reference by appellation.

Vintners from father to son (and daughter), with a passion for taste and high standards of quality, the estates resolutely strive to provide and guarantee top quality products. The carefully matured wines display the characteristics of each vintage with refinement. Each offering reflects rigorous winemaking practices, as a result, the personality of each terroir can fully express itself. When it comes to the different terroirs, the ongoing quest for permanent added value is evident, in view of creating authentic wines: “The end product must seduce not overwhelm,” declared Henri Ramonteu.

Unique know-how is handed down from one generation to next by these family companies to preserve as much as possible, the origin of the fruit, its expression and terroir. “It’s said that a wine resembles its producer, I entirely agree; this is a precise, frank and straightforward wine,” pointed out Jean-Paul Durup. The new generations are continuing the development of these estates, with the same philosophy of sharing, offering mutual support and creativity.

This is the objective of Romane Guilbaud and Maxime Fernandez, who decided in 2017 to return home, with the aim of pursuing a wonderful family adventure. Recognized worldwide, the wines are present in the finest restaurants, luxury hotels and prestigious wine stores. Indeed, “our ambition is that of meeting with the requirements of our customers and the expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers,” explained the Lesgourgues family.

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