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The history

Founded in 1921, Domaine Couly-Dutheil used to traditionally kick off the start to the wine harvest in Chinon.


It is the last estate to harvest in Chinon, thereby “allowing for the production of a new wine style.” Indeed, as Arnaud Couly Dutheil is fond of well ripened fruity notes and silky tannins, he decided to adopt a new approach to the harvest date, in view of optimizing the phenolic maturity of the Cabernet Franc grapes. Arnaud Couly Dutheil manages the family estate since his dad’s death in March 2016. He supported him since a few years (he was in charge of the estate since 2003, and appointed to choose the best Clos de l’Écho blending. He is recognized as one of the most talented and creative young vintners from the Loire Valley. “Before reintegrating the family House, I travelled the world of wine – all in all 13 countries – including the United States and Australia; I discovered new ideas, aromatic wine-flavored palettes, which we have adapted to existing in-house techniques. My number one objective is that of maintaining Chinon’s fruit, so as to ensure its expression from the very start, and then of extending its aromatic range through the use of ageing. The diversity of Chinon’s terroirs allows us to propose a complex variety of wines”.

A spirit of innovation

The first botrytized Chenins were elaborated in 2015, after L’Interdit in 2003 and 2008.

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95 hectares


95 hectares

Couly-Dutheil is an estate that boasts an impressive string of awards, national and international ones, and the owner of prestigious “terroirs”, including the famous Clos de l’Olive and Clos de l’Echo.

The vineyard is run using environmentally friendly growing techniques (100% grassing, leaf removal, low yields…). This rigorous approach helps to preserve the natural qualities of the harvest and to obtain fully ripened Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc. As a result, the personality of each “terroir” is brought to the fore, resulting in wines which combine fruit, generosity and elegance.


Contact : Arnaud COULY-DUTHEIL
12, rue Diderot – 37502 Chinon
Phone : 33 (0)2 47 97 20 20
Mail :


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