The history

A family company starting at the beginning of the 18th century when the Groults settled down at Clos de la Hurvanière, an impressive farming property situated in the upper part of Pays d’Auge. A couple of decades later, Pierre Groult (1830-1918) decided to distill his cider and to age it in oak casks. Calvados Groult was born. The spirit obtained its first gold medal in 1893.


Jean-Roger Groult currently manages the distillery, he promotes the open fire double distillation as well as other traditional methods and innovates in different ways, confirming the estate’s international notoriety. “Exposed to this activity from an early age, it was only natural for me to take over the distillery after my father. The many stages of production matter to me. The harvest of the appellation’s raw material is difficult and takes a long time (over 2 months). The distillation process is an important moment, during which the cider is transformed. Afterwards, the alcohol is meticulously aged and blended in view of obtaining the product that we love and want to bottle». Roger Groult’s cherished products include the Vénérable brand, a Calvados aged for 3 years, and a gastronomic cider…

A spirit of innovation

The end of 2016 sees the new dressing of the range and 3 unusual Calvados, refined in Jurançon barrels (from Domaine Cauhapé of course), Xérès and Whisky ones.

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Saint-Cyr du Ronceray

23 hectares

Saint-Cyr du Ronceray

23 hectares

Cider apples (25 varieties, sweet-bitter and bitter 70% of the production, sweet 20% and acidulous varieties, 10%) are picked from the estate’s 23-hectares orchard grove (clayey soils naturally drained off, protected by the forest), after which they are selected and hand-sorted before pressing. The cider is then left to mature gently and naturally several months, in order to give complex Calvados), before being distilled. The double distillation is carried out in 3 small pot-stills heated over a wood fire to concentrate aromas and flavours. Long-ageing in oak and careful blending (several have been distinguished) result in a seductive colour and superior organoleptic qualities.

Calvados Roger Groult has established a worldwide reputation thanks to the firm’s authentic craftsmanship.

In March 2016 as in February 2014, Jean-Roger Groult received in London the World’s Best Calvados Award for his Reserve 3 Years.

Calvados Pays d’Auge

Contact : Jean-Roger GROULT
Clos de la Hurvanière - 14290 Saint-Cyr du Ronceray
Phone : 33 (0)2 31 63 71 53
Mail :

calvados roger groult
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