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Since its foundation in 1808, the House has been managed by the family, the origins of which go back to Rémy Drappier in 1604, who, like Nicolas Ruinart, was a merchant in Reims. One ancestor, Francois Drappier, moved to Urville in 1808 and started to cultivate its vineyard.


Each parcel is harvested at just the right moment and made into separate wines, with the aim of producing a blend to enhance the full expression of each wine. Sulphur is used sparingly to extend the process of second fermentation resulting in fine and discreet bubbles. The “liqueur d’expédition” is aged in oak casks and then in demi-johns for over 10 years to improve concentration. A reduced dosage contributes to the recipe for these elegant and complex champagnes.

A spirit of innovation:

It is the first Champagne House to obtain carbon neutral certification. “The Champagne Drappier bottle was first and foremost created for the wine’s well-being. Its design includes dark colors to entirely filter ultra violet rays and a narrow neck, reducing the wine’s contact with oxygen, thereby maintaining freshness. Rounded shoulders bring together the wine’s yeast and permit better agitation. Champagne is perfectly well matured in this bottle that is adapted to Drappier’s style – a wine pleasantly evolving over time in its beautiful packaging. After several years ageing on laths, we have noticed that it is more resistant than the traditional Champagne bottle.”

En savoir plus

Champagne Drappier The vineyard


110 hectares


110 hectares

The vineyards of Champagne Drappier (in Urville) are characterised by a high percentage of Pinot Noir grapes (70%). Chardonnay (15%) and Pinot Meunier (15%) are also present to bring balance to the blends. Two parcels of long forgotten varieties complete this unusual vineyard. The family’s ancestors made a point of selecting especially well-exposed and limestone-laden parcels in order to produce expressive wines. This vineyard is managed as it has been over the past two centuries. The methods used allow nature to shine through.


Champagne DRAPPIER
Contact : Michel DRAPPIER
Rue des Vignes - 10200 Urville
Phone : 33 (0)3 25 27 40 15
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