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Famille Lesgourgues

Born at Château de Laubade, the Lesgourgues Family represent today an ensemble of four prestigious estates, in Bas Armagnac, Graves, and Madiran.
“Everything started in 1974, when our grandfather, Maurice Lesgourgues, discovered Château de Laubade: I was love at first sight. He knew straight away that everything was assembled to offer the best of Armagnac: a Chateau filled with history, unique “terroir” in Bas Armagnac and brandies remarkably well kept”. Arnaud and Denis.
Owners of 200 hectares and producers of high quality wines, the Lesgourgues family directly market their armagnacs and wines in France, but also in over 50 countries across the 5 continents through LEDA (Lesgourgues family), a company dedicated to the distribution and promotion of their products and brands.

In order to best express the quality of each of the four “terroirs” and to produce specific wines with distinctive personalities, the viticultural approach is imprinted with traditions: a sustainable agriculture with no systematic use of chemical spraying, grass setting on the vineyards, work of the soil, traditional sizing and finally, an important limitation of yield. The wine cellars of each property are provided with the most modern equipment in order to guarantee a perfect hygiene during vinification and ageing.

Producer: Lesgourgues family
Surface area: 200 hectares
Wines range:
 - Château de Laubade in Bas Armagnac
 - Château Haut Selve in Graves
 - Château Le Bonnat in Graves
 - Château Peyros in Madiran
Grape-harvest: by hand and mechanical
Distribution: 50% in France and 50% export
Production by year: 800 HL of pure alcohol in Bas Armagnac, 500.000 wine bottles
Leader countries: USA, UK, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Japan, Italy, China
Recent awards:
- World Class Distillery 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 / World Spirit Awards
- World Best Brandy, San Francisco 2007
- Wine Enthusiast and Wine Spectator: 90 to 92 points
- Concours Général Agricole de Paris